Sunday, August 17, 2014

7-13-2104 Letter to Mom

You sound way more busy than I am right now. With the soon leaving of my companion things have been a tiny bit slow. My companion is a ok guy, he just doesn't care about spreading the gospel right now. Kinda stinks. I was reading in PMG this mourning and it said that the more we understand the Atonement of Christ the more we will want to spread the gospel and help people come unto Christ. So if we don't really care about spreading the gospel then we need to take a step back and study the Atonement of Christ. 

Hey so our ward does something called "Band" our members take pictures of everything and put them up on the "band" I think that it is a app that you can download on you phone and in you just copy and paste 만수 와드 (Mansu ward) you may be able to find the page and see more pictures of me and stuff. 

Here's something interesting that I found out this week. The Korean elder in my house has been out for a year now and I just found out that he will be ending his mission in 1 week. His father is a non member and is forcing him to discontinue his mission. It's pretty sad. He has really great faith to come out in the first place. The funny thing is is that his sister is in the ward that he is serving in now and so when he ends next week he will just live with his sister in the same ward that he was just barely serving in. Crazy right. 

Also I think that I have misplaced my Patriarchal blessing somewhere and I can't find in. Do you think you could send me a copy of it next time you send something? 

I'll get a knew companion in about a week and a half so I'll start having some real things I can write to everybody about. 

Korean is a pain but i'm progressing slowly but surely. But your right about the hard language thing. If not for our smart parents I would be able to do it. 

Thanks for the update on the crazy stuff back home 
Love ya a bunch 
Elder Daniel Meeks 

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