Sunday, August 17, 2014

7-20-2104 - Almost new companion

Hey mom, 
Thanks for the update on everything. I'll definitely send Lyndsey an email for sure too. Yea I can figure out the shampoo thing too so don't worry about that. If you could do that ACT thing that would be so awesome for sure. 

Hey so i'm still with my current companion right now but the good news is is that we got our transfer calls two days ago and I'm going to be serving with an Elder named Elder Watts. Lets just say that Elder Watts is one of my best friends of the whole Mission. We are in the same MTC group and we were in the same MTC district. He is the most amazing guy I've ever met and I know we are going to have the best time ever. He's 6 foot 4 and has the most amazing fun personality in the whole world. Lets just say things are going to be a whole lot better and I know the miracles are going to start rolling in. And he's from Alpine Utah so you are probably pretty close to his family. 

Anyway things have been ok. Just a little slow and not much has been done but it's ok. 
I've been reading a lot from PMG and really trying to understand the contents of it. Wow it's really amazing the incites you have when you read it. 

Oh and yes it is very Very VERY hot. Haha I feel like i'm swimming through the air when I walk outside. And all we have at our house are fans. Haha such the life of the missionary. 

Korean is coming along but it's still really hard. There are just so many things that go along with learning it. But because Elder Watts and I are still pretty new I think we're going to have to learn really fast and it's going to be so fun!!! 

Thanks for the letter and the package. 

I don't really have a big email but i'm sure some great things are going to start happening within this next week. 

Elder Meeks 

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