Sunday, August 24, 2014

8/25/2014 - Meridian Miracle

Hello family and friends, 
I'm sorry I don't get this out ever week, i'm losing my ability to type fast and there isn't much time. 

So this week has been filled with some of the most amazing things of my entire mission. 

First we went to a meat buffet. A meat buffet is where you have a bunch of raw meat to choose from and you just cook it in front of you and you get to eat as much as you want. So that was a really good way to start the week out. 

So Elder Watts and I were just out walking around and talking to people and we here this voice from behind us. This older guy asked us if he wanted to go to his house. We were a little bit skeptical about it because Elder Watts had a bad experience with that in his last area. Well we felt like it would be a good thing to do. So we followed this guy to his house and he was a really nice man. He gave us water and bread and we just talked for a really long time. We kinda gave him a little bit of an introduction to our church and we are going to meet him again really soon. First miracle. 

After we left this guy's house we went down a street that we normally don't go down and we saw a group of about 10 grandmas and 1 grandpa. It's always fun to say hi to old people because the just laugh and call us handsome. If people my age thought I was as good looking as much as Korean grandmas do then I would be the most popular guy out there haha. Anyway, this one Grandpa said hi to us in English and so we stopped and talked to him. We told him we were missionaries and we found out that he had lived in California for 30 years. Anyway we talked about our church for about 15 minutes and then we brought out the Book of Mormon and he realized that we were Mormon. He told us that we new of our church and he had seen the temples in California a bunch. We ended up talking to this guy for about an hour and we told us to come back and talk to him again so we will do that for sure. Second miracle. 

The next day we met with somebody that I had met on a member split. He is a member of a different church but he has a ton of interest in our church and when we talked about the Book of Mormon he really liked it and was really happy when we gave him a copy. We are going to meet him tomorrow with a member, New investigators are the best! 

I found out something really interesting this week as well. So when Elder Watts was in his last area a young man walked in with his mom and the host mom that he had while he stayed in Utah. When we was in Utah he talked to the missionaries and when he came back Elder Watts and his companion taught and baptized him. The other day Elder Watts called and talked to him on the phone for a while and then he said he stayed in Utah county.

 I asked him what school he was from and he said the went to Meridian. For those of you who don't know, Meridian is the school my mom taught at and the school where my little brother went. I asked him if he happened to know a Mrs. Meeks and the light came on and he shouted, "YOUR JACOBS BROTHER!!". His name his Kim Gil Tea.  He was a really good friend of my little brother while he was in Utah and he had been to my house a bunch of times.. I saw him before but I didn't recognize him because he had grown like a whole foot. It's amazing how it all connects together. Especially in the church. 

We also had the opportunity to go to the Seoul temple this week which was really awesome. I got to see a bunch of members of my MTC group which was really amazing. 

This week has been truly amazing. Elder Watts and I have been working really hard and we are  seeing the fruits of our labors and it's really amazing. We just found out yesterday that Elder Watts and I will be companions for this next transfer so we have 6 more weeks to be totally awesome. 

Thank you all for you Prayers. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord is this way. We are as the army of Helamen.
Love you all, 
Elder Meeks 

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