Sunday, September 21, 2014

9/21/2014 Ouch my Nose

Dear Family and Friends, 

I learned this week that it is not a good idea to run nose first into your companions forehead while playing soccer. It hurts. But on the soccer note. So every Saturday we play soccer with our ward. One of the priest has been bringing his non-member friends to play and then he brings them to church. I am hoping that we can start teaching them soon. This priest is the best member missionary we have in the whole ward. His friends already have a good image of our church and they already have a friend. I think there will be good things to come of these few young men. 

Elder Watts and I have been talking to a lot of people and just trying to find those that are ready to hear our message. We met a lot of really nice people but it's hard to find those who are searching for truth. Almost every single person I see on the street I want to give the gospel because I know it can help them in there lives no matter what. 

Hope all is well with everybody, 

Elder Meeks 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

8/31/2014 - Short and Sweet some great pics and videos

I've only got a year and 3 moths left and I still can't speak Korean!!! 

Things are going really great. Elder Watts and I have just been trying to work really hard to find people to teach. Miracles totally happen when you're out working really hard. The one guy we met with was nice but we found out he kinda just wants us to have us come to his church. We met another guy on the street and he new our church a long time ago and he wants to meet so that was really good. 

 You have to get over being selfish really quick. Haha Koreans are really funny when it comes to sharing. If it's there then it's everybody's. 

It sounds like so much fun to hang out with all the Meeks. Tell them that I love them all so much and Ill see them when I get back. 

Everything is going awesome, thanks for the awesome letters. 

Elder Dano Meeks

Pics from the Ward

Nice folks in the Mansu ward are always to good to post pics