Tuesday, September 9, 2014

8/31/2014 - Short and Sweet some great pics and videos

I've only got a year and 3 moths left and I still can't speak Korean!!! 

Things are going really great. Elder Watts and I have just been trying to work really hard to find people to teach. Miracles totally happen when you're out working really hard. The one guy we met with was nice but we found out he kinda just wants us to have us come to his church. We met another guy on the street and he new our church a long time ago and he wants to meet so that was really good. 

 You have to get over being selfish really quick. Haha Koreans are really funny when it comes to sharing. If it's there then it's everybody's. 

It sounds like so much fun to hang out with all the Meeks. Tell them that I love them all so much and Ill see them when I get back. 

Everything is going awesome, thanks for the awesome letters. 

Elder Dano Meeks

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