Sunday, August 17, 2014

8-17-2104 - Package and picts of weird food

Yea I got the package for sure. And yes everything is gone for sure. But just a word of advice. After not eating beef jerky for a while it's not a good idea to eat half the bag at once. It's hard on the tummy for sure. But I really loved to letters that I got when I was 8. I didn't remember those at all so it made me really happy to read those. 

You are all going to Mexico? That sounds like so much fun. I hope you all don't mind if I send you some presents from Korea. I've been stockpiling some and I think you'll all like them. 
You have to put pictutres and vidoes of you all up on dropbox. I want to see fun stuff that's going on. 

Things with Elder Watts are great. We are working so hard. I'm not ever going to take naps anymore. I have so much energy right now and it's super awesome. 

We don't have any investigators right now but I still feel good because I'm working harder than I ever have to find them. 

Members in our area are really good. They like us and give us a lot of food, But they don't like doing missionary work :/ no fun but it's ok. 

I'm going to get the new scriptures this week when I go to the temple. Thanks for that. 

I hope you like the pictures. I'm going to take a lot all the time because it's easy to get them to you now. 

I'm going to try and write big emails but it's really hard. 
Thanks for all the updates on everything. 
Also could you send me a copy of my patriarchal blessing? 
Love ya a bunch, Thanks for everything, 
Elder Dano Meeks 

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