Sunday, July 6, 2014

7-6-2104 pics and a short letter

Thanks so much for the package you sent. Super great. I think the only thing I really need is Shampoo, a good tooth brush and some toothpaste. 

I'm sorry about not really having a big letter to send to everybody. I don't really have time to do both. Anyway this week has been good. We met some new people and I think they have some really good potential. 

Yea i've got about 2 weeks left with Elder B--- then he goes back home. My companion is a really get to the point type of guy, so when he got up to say his last words all he said was that he know this church is true in the name of Jesus Christ amen. And that made a huge fuss with some people because it was so short. That was kinda interesting this week 

Also I ate pizza like 4 times this week, some things never change haha 

Love ya a bunch and thanks so much for the package and everything. 
Elder Daniel Meeks 

From Elder DeMille's blog

Funny how I didn't know that his companion's name was Reese when I sent him the T-Shirt.  I guess his comp really liked it.  He does a funny impression of the General Authorities eating a peanut butter cup so I thought it would be a funny joke.

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