Thursday, January 2, 2014

12/3/2013 - Short and Sweet

 Hey Dad,

So I kinda don't really know any other email accounts of anyone other than this one. So if you could everyone in our family could send me a email that would be awesome.

So these past few days have been really crazy but I really like it. There is so much to work on that your mind is just filled up with the gospel and the language all the time. I'm really tired every second of the day but i guess that is alright. My companion is really great and all the people in my district are amazing. Korean is really really hard. I love the spirit here. 

Anyway there really isn't much to tell so far but if i could get all of your e-mail's that would be awesome. 
I love you all and you'll here a lot from me in my next letter

P.S. if you guys ever send me a package, that big brown blanket would be really nice to have. 

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