Sunday, January 19, 2014

1/16/2014 - Doing Great

Dear Dad,

So how's everything with you? Washington D.C cool? How are you students liking it? Anything crazy happen while you're there? How's Jess like it? She like her first plane ride? Have her tell what to expect because I still haven't been on a plane!!! 

Hey so Elder Bednar came and spoke to us and guess what he said? He said that the Seed is not faith and that it's the word of God. I totally flipped when I heard that haha. It's kinda cool to have an apostle back up what your dad has been saying for years. Would you send me some stuff so I can talk about that more and understand it better? Still working out. I actually don't think i've ever been as strong as I am now in my whole life. Lots of pushups, running, chin-ups, and machines that are at the gym. You really need to work your butt off to get as strong as I am. 

I am working really hard. And trying to be the best missionary I can be. The language is still really hard but i can get it and I will. I love studying the gospel. Can't tell you how much I love reading the Book of Mormon. 

Hey I hope you're doing awesome and that everything is going well 

Hey Mom, 
Well I don't think I'll have time to write a big letter to everybody this week, Just tell everyone that i'm doing awesome. 

So this week we had Elder Bednar come and speak to us for the second time while I have been here and it was really cool. My district got to usher too so we got to sit really close to the front. Also a group of 33 new missionaries who are going to Korea came in on Wednesday. We are now the oldest group because the last one just left so the new group thinks we are super cool because we know some of the language. They'll figure out soon that we almost the same amount as them haha. 

I saw Dalyan here, ( the girl I took to prom) and we got to talk for a little bit. Also I've seen Ben Westbrook around a few times and had a chance to talk with here for a little. He seems like he is doing awesome. 

That's super funny to hear about your new Chinese Boy. make a man out of them haha. 

Thanks for the DearElder, It's nice to get something in the middle of the week to read. I can't really remember all that was on it because I don't have it all in front of me right now. Are Jess and Dad is In D.C,? How is it having them gone? I think you said that work was going alright so that's good. Keep telling me things that go on at home. It's nice to hear all about everything. 

Everything here is really great. I'm still the district leader. It's kinda weird because you're only supposed to be a district leader for 3 weeks and I've gone way longer than that. I kinda realized that i'm not very good at being the spiritual kind of leader. When it comes to getting everybody to absolutely love me I'm not the best at it. I think the leader that I am most like would be Ender from Ender's Game. I'm not nearly that good, but that's kinda what I think of when I think of myself. It's kinda funny because that's not really the leader they are looking for out in the mission field. It would work great for the rest of the world though haha. 

I'm glad you and Dad raised me to be a man. there are a lot of wimps here in the mission field. I got pretty sick a few weeks back. Nothing too bad just like a little bit of a Cold. I always tried to be happy and if people asked how I was doing I would always say I was great. There are elders here who won't go to class if they are coughing a little bit and when people ask them how they are doing the will complain and complain and have everybody feel bad for them. Haha it's kinda funny that i'm complaining about people complaining. So I guess thanks haha. 

Still going to the Gym? We should do a family Half marathon when I get back or something. That would be super cool. There are some elders here who have gained 20 pounds so far, Crazy. 

I still am doing the no sleep thing when I should be studying and it really works. I'm learning so much and I love studying the gospel. Book of Mormon is so Cool. 

Hey i'm about to run out of Soap and Shampoo. Could you send me some that you think I'd like? Don't really care what kind. Also, If you could get Jessica to make me some Brownies I would be soooo happy! I really miss those brownies haha. Would you email Andrew's letters to me too? BTW the BYU shirt you sent me is my favorite shirt. 

Thanks for everything and tell everybody I love them. And tell my little Bro and sis to email me. 
Love ya and Miss ya, 
Elder Daniel John Meeks 

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