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12/15/2013 - Lovin' Life at the MTC

Hello everyone.

Well it's been just a little bit more then a week being here at the MTC and i'm loving it. I feel like I have been here for so long but at the same time it goes by so fast. Every day is scheduled down to the second and i'm really glad that everybody in my district is really hard working and we all are good friends now. 

We have four elders in my room. Me, my companion and another companionship. My companion, Elder Fowler, is a really nice guy. He was from Idaho and was homeschooled for his whole life. He is younger than me and about my same height and size. He grew up working in construction and riding motorcycles so he is isn't a wimp. We get along really well and have a really good time. One of the other elders in my room, Elder Demille, is from Salt Lake City and he is super cool. He is the guy that was friends with everybody and is amazingly funny. His companion, Elder Shaver, is from Canada but he doesn't really talk like he is. He is really nice and has a good spirit about him. 

My classes are really long and very mentally draining. We have 4 hour class blocks and when we are studying Korean for the whole time it feels like my head is going to explode. But our teachers are so amazing. They are the most genuine guys in the whole world.

 We have three teachers. Brother McArther is our main teacher and the only time he speaks in full English is when he is explaining something really difficult or when we are having a super spiritual moment. He is so nice and really patient with us. Brother wade is called a zone resource which means that he goes around to different districts and helps people with questions they have, and he can talk in English. I have never seen someone who is so passionate about something in my whole life. The way that he talked about Korean, the Korean people and about the gospel just brought the spirit into the room so strongly. We have been practicing our language by teaching an "investigator". We knew that he was a member but he was acting like somebody he taught when he was on his mission. We just had our first real class with him and a know he is going to be a good teacher. 

The dorms are not anything like what I expected them to be. We go back to our dorms at 9:30. I thought when we got back there would be a quiet peace where everybody was talking about spiritual things and getting ready for the next day. I was really shocked when I went back and elders were playing soccer in the hallways and talking about video games and girls and other things that a bunch of normal teenage guys would talk about.

Korean is so hard I want to shoot it sometimes. It's so different from Chinese that it hasn't helped me at all. I wasn't feeling bitter about speaking Korean and not Chinese but it was just kinda hard to go so far with Chinese and then have to start back at the beginning with Chinese. When Brother Wade was talking about Korea I realized that I needed to not have that attitude about Korean and focus on doing the best that I can with where I am at right now   

But with all the fun and hard work there has been many spiritual moments. There is a talk that was played on Sunday by Elder Bednar called the character of Christ and it's probably the best talk I've ever heard in my life. All the guys in my district we're crying at some point of that talk. There are too many experiences to talk about just know that the spirit is very strong here and it's the best feeling in the world          
I love it here but I miss a few things, music and guitar being one of them. I know that being here is the right thing to do and I can't wait to go to Korea and teach the people there. Only 8 more weeks to go.  
I miss and love you all 

Elder Meeks 

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