Sunday, April 20, 2014

4/20/2014 Every day is a joy

Hello family and friends. 

It's a beautiful time here in Korea. The weather is great and the people seem to be more nice during this season. Every day is such a joy and I just can't wait to learn more and more. 

So Easter was yesterday but it didn't feel the same. Easter isn't really a big holiday in Korea so there wasn't really and eggs or bunny's or anything like that. The 6 missionaries in our ward sang a song in sacrament meeting though. Haha lets just say that some of the elders here don't exactly know how to hold a tune... at all. But it's ok because anything Americans do here is always good. Just smile and wave and they love you. 

So it seems like Americans attract all sorts of people here in Korea. Creepy one's included. My companion and I like to go running at this track near our house in the mourning and they is a guy there who just walks around the track every mourning. We talked to him a few times and he seemed nice, but then he started watching us really strangely and trying to stop us while we ran, kinda weird. Anyway we saw him on the street in the middle of the day and he came up and gave a hug to my companion out of the blue. Thankfully my companion is super nice and just kinda shrugged it off because if it would have been me we might have had another Elder Meeks punching a guy in the street. Hugs from really weird creepy strangers are not really my thing haha. 

Anyway we have been having some really amazing miracles lately. Just this past week we found two people who are in our English class who now want to learn about the gospel. Our investigator 박준규 is really amazing except that he won't quite his job to come to church. I just hope that he makes the choice and realizes that the things of God are more important than the things of this world. 

Our ward mission leader is the most amazing member I have ever met. Talk about magnifying your calling. He helps us so much with anything and helps us teach lessons to our investigators. He joined to church when he was about 16 and served a mission and is now married and has a kid and is just really nice and people always love him so he is such a good help to us. 

We have two DVD's of conference and during meals and at night we are always watching them. Our favorite one is the one by Elder Holland. He talks about Christ-like love and how we need to have that along we keeping the commandments. I love how he can be really funny but then bring it straight back on topic. It really brings the spirit in when we always have those playing. 

Can't tell you have much I love it out here. I can't believe that i'm almost not a greeny any more. Time flies and it's just the most amazing ever. 
Love you all and hope you all are doing well. 

Elder Daniel John Meeks 

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