Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gangham Missionary Style

Hello family and friends, 

Ok time for crazy story time. So a lot of you may the the song "Gangnam Style", the most famous song on youtube right now. Well if you didn't know this, Gangnam is the richest city in Korea and is really nice and really big with tons of people. Anyway our investigator wanted to meet us there for some reason and we weren't sure why. But it was a teaching opportunity so we were able to get permission to leave our zone and travel there. 

Wow that city is really cool!!! Like i've never seen anything like it in my whole life. When you look up you can't see the top of the buildings. There are a ton of people there and everything is really clean. Our investigator said we had a few minutes to burn so he took us a really cool bookstore and he bought a bunch of Korea grammar books for us. Then we went to this park which was really cool. So our investigator is the brother in law of a man who is running to be the mayor of Gangnam and the reason we were going there was to get a picture with him. So our investigator kinda tricked us into coming, but we got to have a picture with somebody who may be a very powerful man in Korea. There were a few other men there and it was very strange because I could sense the power that the men had and how much influence the had. We were able to talk about why were here and how we were so good at Korea. It was really really cool.

 Oh and after that our investigator took us out to lunch and there tried to give us a hundred bucks. We said no of course and that we would rather meet him again. He said that would be good and we are going to teach him tonight again. Crazy stuff haha. 
We got to watch conference this weekend which was really awesome. So much amazing counsel and hearing the testimonies of the leaders of our church always helps out mine. I really liked when the one elder talked about technology and how you are not smart if you have a smart phone. Don't sift through the Garbage haha. 

I'm getting better at Korean and it's really fun to talk to people. If everybody would just talk slower I think I would be ok. But Koreans really like to talk fast so I guess I'll have to get used to it. 

This is just the most amazing time of my life. I feel like this is going to be over before I know it so i'm trying my best to make every minute count. Thanks for all the letters and the words of encouragement.

Love you all and hope you all are doing well,
Elder Daniel John Meeks 

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