Sunday, May 25, 2014

5-4-2014 - Changes are good

Hello family and friends, 

Ok so with this new transfer there have been some really really big changes. I guess we can start with the really good ones. So i'm living with a Korean elder now who is the greatest guy in the whole world and he cooks for us almost every single meal. The food is Korean and it's sooooo good. No more french toast and eggs haha. 

The ward i'm in is really small so it's going to be really easy to get know all the names of the people in the ward. My new companion is the best English Korean speaker of the whole mission. It super super nice and he loves teaching me and helping me with questions that I have. There is nothing he can't answer and people say he sounds like a Korean. I feel like I'm going to get really good at Korean this transfer. The only problem with him being really good at Korean means that he has only a little time left on his mission. I will be his last companion. So it means that he is super trunky. He is a good missionary but he kinda doesn't like to work as hard as I would like to. His name is Elder B---- and he is a really funny guy and super nice and smart. It's going to be a really good time here, I just hope that we can work hard. 

We don't have very many investigators here and so we just walk around a lot and talk to people. As a missionary without a bike I think I'm have probably walked further that I ever have in my entire life. We walk Sooooo far every day. But it's all good and I like talking to people. 

I used to be kinda shy before my mission about talking to random people and I had a slight fear of rejection. Now that is all gone. I have tried to talk to a lot of people here and some talk to you and a lot of them reject and keep on going. Just the way missionary work is I guess. But it's really rewarding when they seem like they have interest and want to meet again. Makes it all worth it. 
My house here is a lot bigger which is super nice. 

I am always trying to be diligent in everything that I do as a missionary. I Love the scriptures. So much in there that brings us closer to our Heavenly Father. 

The mission goes on thank you all for everything. 

Elder Daniel Meeks 

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