Sunday, March 9, 2014

3/9/2014 - Life is good

Hello Friends and Family,
So I've had to start writing down all the different things that happen to me because it's really hard to remember it all.
So my trainer is the district leader of our district so we go on splits sometimes. The other day we had a greeny split and it was kinda interesting. The other elder has been here for about three months and I've never heard him speak Korean. He doesn't really ever try to talk to people so I was kinda on the my own the whole day. Anyway something funny happened while we were together. We were just walking down the street and the guy shouts and us and acts like he knows us and everything and is super happy. We keeps saying the name Elder Sorenson, which is is name of companion whom I was splitting with. We asked if we want to go get something to eat and we go to this cake shop and get cake. There he discovers that Elder Brantly, whom I'm with, is not Elder Sorenson. He thought Elder Brantly was Elder Sorenson which was a little confusing to him because he thought that Elder Sorenson could speak well and he can but Elder Brantly didn't speak Korean at all. He felt pretty silly but I tried really hard to get him to have a good time and I could speak enough to develop a good relationship with him.

I had my first experience of eating to the point of almost killing myself. We had a lesson with a member and after we went out to dinner and he bought us a lot of food. This was no problem because I can eat a lot of food and be totally good. Right after that though we went to eat another dinner with our ward mission leader and he just kept it coming. I have never eaten so much pig in my entire life. Korean BBQ's are really cool because they just bring out raw meat and you cook it on a grill right in front of you. Man my companion and I were dying haha.

So here's a little bit about Korean culture. The Korean culture is a really touchy feely one, but it can only be with people that are younger than you. It is really bad to put your hand on an older man's shoulder but they can do it to you. Really weird but somehow it just works. We were out the only day and it was really cold and I didn't have gloves for some reason and I was talking to this old man and he noticed that I was cold. He reached out and grabbed my hands and started to rub them. Holy cow was that that the most amazing thing in the world. It would be just a little bit weird if someone I didn't know were to do that in America, but it just feels super normal when a Korean man with rough old hands does it. Haha hard to explain. But you can just be talking to some random person and they are just really touchy but it feels really normal. Except when a strange drunk guy runs up to you and starts smacking on the behind haha.

I had my first drop the other day. Holy cow does that just put a downer in your day. We had been teaching this guy English and the gospel. Then we brought a member with us and he realized that we aren't just teaching English. Guess he wasn't ready to have the gospel but it was really not the greatest thing ever.

I knocked on doors for the first time of my mission. Most ineffective thing in the world. My companion said we had to do it once for my sake and it was super lame. People would open the door just barely and we would start talking and instantly close it. Not very nice.
Korea has some really good things about the culture and some really messed up things. One thing is that Koreans can't really be friends if they are a different age. Literally one person could be born and 1995 and another born one day later in 1996 and they can't be friends. So Sometimes you just don't say your age when you talking to somebody who is just a bit older than you.

Oh the work is great and I love being out here. Sometimes it's hard but if we work hard it turns out good in the end. Every day is a miracle and it's going by so fast, I can't believe that I've already been here for a month.

Love you all and miss you all. Keep up the good work,

Elder Daniel John Meeks 

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