Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/9/2014 - Everything is new!

The new arrivals!

Ok I don't really know how to start this. 

So basically everything about my life now is exactly opposite of whatever it was before. Literally everything has just flipped upside-down. I guess I'll start at the plane ride. 

So we went to Detroit first and it was not really great cause the seats were really small and I didn't have anybody to talk to during that time. But the 14 hour place ride to Korea was different. I was sitting next to a elder from my zone and then I Korea girl who was about 22. She spoke really great English and so we were able to talk to her and practice our Korean a little bit. We probably talked to her for about 6 hours total for the whole plane ride. She was super nice and we talked about the gospel and just a bunch of random things and it made the flight go a lot faster. So now she has some interest in our church because we did a really good job representing the church as nice, loving people. 

After that we met our mission president and some other missionaries who were there and we loading up our luggage and went strait onto the subway and started talking to people. It was super hard but there were some missionaries who were older there to help us. We got to the mission home and went to bed because it was like midnight. 

The next day we did a little bit of orientation and then got our new companions. Yea my companion is so freaking awesome that I can't even tell you. He is exactly what a perfect missionary should be. He has been out for a year now and his Korean is sooooooo good. He is exactly obedient and very patient with me learning the language. His name is elder Oman and he is from Idaho and just such a great guy and we get along really well. 

Have I talked to any people you all ask?  Well we talk to literally every single person that is on the street. We talk to people in passing and on the subways and buses and walking and everywhere. Something interesting about Korea though is that we can't talk to girls.... at all.... EVER!!!! Well we can only if they are about around the age of 60 or above. No joke. Not even a passing hello to any other girls at all. But it's way fun to talk everybody else. It's fun to talk to kids in English because they are really nice. 
We and a lesson with a older man named 최태집 we teach him a little English and then the lesson and I asked him to be baptized. He said he had to think about it but he said if he knew it was true he would be baptized. 

K story time. So my companion said that there was an old investigator who was really good at guitar and he hadn't seen him in a while. We decided it would be a good idea if we went and said hi. He is probably about 30. He got in an accident about 5 years ago and is paralyzed from the waste down. Anyway we went over and knocked on the door and he started yelling at us in Korean and I guess it wasn't very nice from what my companion said, he can speak English really well, so we left. So we had just gotten back to our apartment and we winding down when we got a call from him and he sounded alright but he said that he needed emergency help. We sprinted over to his place which was really close and walked in and he had fallen back in his wheelchair and couldn't move. He was ok and everything but we just pulled him out and got him a situated and then my companion held is legs and I lifted him up. He wasn't that heavy but he was like shocked that I could do that. He was so grateful for us helping him and was really sorry that he had yelled at us earlier. Kinda my real first miracle. Anyway we made sure he was alright and then we ran back home cause it was already like 10:30 at that point. Anyway I called him yesterday again to make sure he was alright and then asked him if we could come over to see him sometime and play guitar or something and he said that that would be awesome. So we have an appointment tonight at 7:00. Such an amazing miracle. 

I like the food, I've had a few weird things but nothing I can't handle. My apartment is tiny and my companion and I and 2 other elders live together and we all sleep on pads in the main area. I am getting better at the language but I can't understand anything at all which is ok. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and he was alright. Our ward is really nice and we ate at the bishops that other night. I haven't seen another American beside the elders in my district in the whole city here. We are the only white people haha. 

Oh I'm in a city called Suji(수지) it has about 250,000 people and it's so busy. We ride trains and buses and subways everywhere and a lot of walking. You can get really good food for super cheap and it's awesome. 
Just want to let you all know that I'm doing awesome and I love it here. Almost everybody is nice and It's really good. I love serving the Lord and I am looking forward to these coming months. Love you all and miss you a lot. 

Elder Daniel Meeks 믹스 장로 

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