Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/16/2014 - Holy Cow: Everything is amazing

Individuals letters this week.  Here is what he wrote to me.

Hey mom,
Holy cow everything is so amazing right now. I'm so glad to hear that everything is going pretty good at home and that things are still interesting. Keep an eye on Jess for me because I can't be there for a while. 

Korea is such a great place but it's kinda hit and miss when you are talking to people. So my companion is really great and he talks to every person that he comes in contact with and it has given me the confidence to talk to people too. So the people are either really super nice or just not at all. It's awesome to talk to nice people because they compliment you about how good you speak Korean and about how good looking you are. Not really helping my giant ego haha. 

We had a great week where we just met a bunch of people and this random guy on the street was really nice and he invited us to go dinner with his family the next day. They really like us and we are planning on teaching them this next week. I feel like my Korean is getting a lot better all the time because my companion is really awesome and helps me and we just talk to a lot of people.

So you are probably going to hate me but I lost my camera. I think I left it somewhere at the airport somewhere so I'm not sure what to do...

Food here is good but I really need to make it better. Would you mind sending me some recipies of random stuff that would be good to eat. I haven't had to eat anything super gross yet but it's bound to happen.

My apartment is tiny and we live with another companionship and they are really cool but they are kinda lazy sometimes. I'm really glad my companion wants to work all the time and get stuff done.
Missionary work is kinda interesting in Korea. The average Korean can't read The Book of Mormon. The grammar is too hard and they don't understand it the same way a normal American could.

The members here are great but that's one thing that could be better. We could have a better relationship with the members, but it's hard for me because I can't speak that well. When I am better I will make sure I make that a really good priority.

I'm learning so much and I love studying the gospel. Every day is a new challenge and a new experience. 

Love this gospel so much.

Thanks for everything and I love to always hear about you and the family. Tell Jen that I say hi and that she's awesome.

Love ya and miss ya.
Elder Daniel John Meeks 

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